WHOA! What Happened to my Electric Bill??

I was just scrolling through the NextDoor app, checking out the latest info on the wild horses and the usual “Did anyone hear gun shots last night?” posts (by the way, they’re never gunshots!). I came across a rather vigorous chat about power bills and NV Energy rates. Hundreds of participants were ranting about their most recent power bill!

Since I am in the industry, I know that NV Energy has been raising their rates steadily over the past 5 quarters. Cumulatively they have raised rates 29.2% over the past 16 months! You can check my facts by going to your NVEnergy.com account and searching “bill inserts”. There you will find the pink notifications, cleverly named “Base Tariff and Deferred Energy Accounting Adjustment Notice” aka Rate Increase!

What’s happening to energy prices now is just the beginning. Oil, Natural Gas, Coal and all related fossil fuel prices are heading up over the next several years. And, since nearly 80% of our electricity here in Reno is derived from fossil fuel sources, our electricity will suffer the same fate.

With rising energy prices becoming a concern for more and more people, many are looking into taking advantage of solar, which is becoming more and more affordable.  I don’t want to get too much into the details here, but whether you are looking at a purchase or a lease, for many people solar makes sense. While solar equipment has fallen in price, the cost of labor has gone up, offsetting some of the savings. But overall the price is lower than it was even just two years ago. And with new programs available to homeowners, now may be the right time for you to look into it. Get the facts, and do business with someone you know and trust.

Don’t let higher energy costs catch you by surprise. Be prepared. Look into ways to become more energy efficient and energy independent!